They laughed at me because I was different. But I laughed at them because they were all the same. Beating the odds like its a piece of cake. & doing it all with a smile.

are indifferent to me. Aside from my loved ones who may have passed away of course. But those who were once a part of my life and no longer are, are gone for a reason. Exes, old friends, maybe even some family members. And I don’t care. It takes a certain amount of effort to be in someone’s life. Keeping in touch, making time for each other, being able to be there for each other, caring about themĀ and all that jazz. For all those who have drifted out, or even those who I have cut out or vice versa, I find them irrelavent. Not saying I wish anything bad upon them. Just that I don’t have any care in the world for them. If by chance we become friends again (not applicable to any exes) then yay. If not then yay still. All the people who are here now and here to stay are the only ones that matter to me. Period.

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